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What if instead of the topic of race only creating intensely heated or shamefully hushed conversations, there was an environment where those conversations could be doused in grace and become catalysts for the kind of growth that bridges racial divides?

LivingUNDIVIDED is the manifestation of that hope.
The primary activity of LivingUNDIVIDED is a six-week multi-racial experiential journey in pursuit of racial solidarity and justice. Each week includes faith grounding, teaching, small group conversations, activities, and assignments that engage multiple learning styles. The journey fosters belonging, hope, and deep community engagement, inspiring participants to be active change-agents within their communities.

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Who is LivingUNDIVIDED for?
LivingUNDIVIDED is designed for churches and faith-based organizations that are open and interested in exploring the intersection of faith and race.

How can I participate in LivingUNDIVIDED?
If you are a pastor or senior leader, you can bring LivingUNDIVIDED to your congregation. If you’d like to see what the program looks like before groups launch, you can see the content curriculum overview, and fill out this form to get in touch with someone who can guide next steps.

When are groups offered?
Cohorts launch quarterly and last for six weeks.

How much time should I plan to invest as a group member?
You’ll participate in six weekly two-hour sessions. In between sessions, you’ll spend about one hour a week doing personal study or an activity.

Do groups meet in person or online?
Currently, LivingUNDIVIDED is offered virtually on Zoom. Cohorts can accommodate 12-45 participants per group. In-person cohorts will resume in late 2021 or early 2022.

How can my company participate?
For non-faith based organizations, we offer WorkingUNDIVIDED. Learn more at WorkingUNDIVIDED.

Where did LivingUNDIVIDED get its start?
LivingUNDIVIDED began in 2015 as a ministry of Crossroads Church, a non-denominational church located in Cincinnati. In 2020, it launched as a separate 501c3 organization.

Chuck Mingo

Founder and CEO

Chuck Mingo

A few years ago during a spike of the racial tension in America, Chuck heard a calling to unite Cincinnati and beyond. The LivingUNDIVIDED movement was born, and has since been reapplied across the nation, internationally in South Africa, and in prison ministries.

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