There comes a point when political allegiance leads to a denial of Jesus. And any Christian can be susceptible to it. Those who defend hatred and deny the truth now are denying Jesus, because they are making it clear that the Lord of their lives in this season is someone other than the Prince of Peace.

Undoubtedly, Wednesday January 6th, 2021 is going down in history and we must respond. It is unconscionable that citizens should be able to storm the US Capitol, violate curfew, and personally threaten elected US leaders without appropriate consequence. The time is now for more of us, including and especially clergy, to courageously stand in our authority to publicly and wholly condemn the evil actions perpetrated at the Capitol.

We are grieved by the fact that the Church and humanity alike have been operating in the extremes of passivity and aggression. To be clear, NO ONE can escape an examination of their role in what happened yesterday. Scripture says the human heart is desperately wicked, a truth equally applicable both to those who through their activism or their silence allow this darkness to invade us. We are all complicit in some way--either by supporting the behaviors, tolerating these behaviors, or failing to have the courage to speak truth with grace. Our nation isn’t merely divided, it’s RIVEN, ripped apart along the fissure made by the sin of racism. How can any American justify the installation of nooses, and the parading of the confederate flag as anything other than the sin of racism and white supremacy?

WE MUST step away from our political chaos and whatever “side” we have chosen for ourselves, and be citizens of a different Kingdom right now to an angry, hurt, scared, and dangerous world. We need to be on our knees before God right now.

Jesus, our King, calls us to this kind of courageous love. A love that will not afford us the opportunity to passively say “God help us all” without embracing the call to participate with God in being the answer to that prayer. And courage to act when there is safety in silence.

This moment will be costly, but it is a cost that comes with being a Christian. What is required of us is the courage to clearly and unequivocally call out the sinfulness that is behind yesterday’s attack on the US capitol.

So to that end, we are asking all pastors and spiritual leaders within our faith tradition of Evangelicalism, to sign this document, clearly and unequivocally condemning the actions perpetrated yesterday in our Nation’s Capital.

May we all seek the Lord for guidance on how to work together for justice and reconciliation in our lifetime - first within our own ranks in the Church, but also on behalf of every American. Just like Christ set a new precedent, we are setting a new precedent of courageous love.

Let’s Stand UNDIVIDED,

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Chuck Mingo
Founder LivingUNDIVIDED
Pastor Crossroads Community Church

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Troy Jackson
Co-founder LivingUNDIVIDED
Faith in Action


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